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Why Choose Us?

One Person, No Stories

You are assigned to the same consultant from the beginning of your service. This saves you valuable time when you have questions -- no need to repeat your story or situation every time.

Frequent Interaction

Your individual credit consultant will contact you at least once every two weeks (unless you request otherwise). This is to ensure everything is happening in a timely fashion and your account and credit report are moving as planned.

No False Guarantees

Unlike most credit programs that tell you everything can be removed, we work within the constraints of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) & CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act). You can expect your score to continually increase with the help, guidance and direction you will receive from your credit consultant.

We are Here to Stay

Credit Forget It has been in business for more than 5 years. We have helped more than 100,000 individuals achieve their credit goals. From auto approvals to mortgages on your dream home, our clients' results speak for themselves.

Testimonial: Lisa R.

"Before being recommended to Credit Forget It, I didn't know where to start establishing credit. Within 4 months I was able to finance my first car."

Testimonial: Herbert B.

"The professional staff at Credit Forget It has been more than helpful through the entire repair process. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone that will listen."